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No hidden fees. No pressure.

Do you already have a website but wondering how well it's doing in the realm of SEO (search engine optimization). I can provide a free no obligation comprehensive report. You will be amazed at the information this report will contain.  

4 Most Important OnPage SEO Factors

Includes the title, meta description, body text, and link tags.

OffPage Data

Displays link popularity and your domain popularity.

Readability Score

This includes Flesh Score and displays how easy it is for a user to read your website.

Keyword Ranking

A search engine tries to rank your site for 1 or 2 specific keywords. The report shows which keywords in your site have the highest visibility for search engines.

Website Structure

I will comb through your website and give detailed information on your heading structure, image files, tags, and display any errors.

Mobile SEO

Google is starting to value website more that have mobile versions. I will show you how your website looks on multiple devices and let you know what google thinks of your mobile efforts.

Website Speed and Performance

When a customer opens your website how long does it take in seconds to get to the meat and potatoes? I'll run the test and show you the results.

How do you appear on Google?

This is called Google SERP Snippet. When a person searches for your website on google it's displayed in a specific way among all of the other websites that ranked for the search query.

Text Phrases

This report will include a list of word frequencies that appear on your website.

Flyer Design


The perfect flyer design for you small business.

Quintessential Business Building Block

The marketing flyer. The OG of the marketing world. Flyers have survived the test of time because they are so versatile. Tack it to a community board, place it under a windshield wiper, hand them out at conventions... You get the point. Having the perfect flyer is a great inexpensive first step in expanding your marketing efforts. Some businesses I've worked with still use the same flyer design I made 4 years ago.  Once you have a great design it's with you until the end. A trusty sidekick who's always there in a pinch.

Multiple Sizing Options

Size is important when it comes to flyers. Some businesses want to print out inexpensive 1 color only flyers. A good example is a restaurant with takeout service. They want to print 3 flyers per 1 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper. Then you have some companies like real estate agencies who want full-color eye catching pop off the page design. Every business has a specific need and I will help you figure it out.

PDF and Image File w/ Each Design

The finished product will come to you as a flattened PDF, JPEG, or other picture format which is perfect for you to use on social media pages and gives you a very convenient option when you need to print.

QR Code 

QR codes are pretty cool. Most people have a QR code reader on their phone. QR codes can do so much more than just delivering a customer to a website. I can make them do things like enter your complete contact information into someones phone or give Google map directions directly to your business just to name a few. This is an included optional service at no additional charge.

Everything a Flyer Should Be

The majority of flyer designs out there are pretty boring and I do everything I possible can to stop the boredom. It doesn't matter if sell the most boring item on the planet your customers deserve some eye candy. People remember good design.

Content Creation

Content is king. You will hear millions of times if you are dabbling in marketing. I can help you develop the perfect information flyer and call to action. The goal is to excite your customers then get them to act on that excitement.

Professional Print Service Available

I do a lot of business with professional printing companies and because of my volume I get pricing deals that average consumers don't have access to.  I don't make money of printing but I can sure save you a lot.



Ideal for companies that need a great looking responsive information website. 

Sometimes Simple is Just Plan Better

Many companies out there don't need an ecommerce solution. They don't need to maintain a database or spend time each day updating plugins. The perfect example of this is a restaurant. Once the site is created it's done. It shows the menu, gives information and directions. I won't sell you more web then you need.

FULL SEO Optimization

Don't worry I got you covered. I'll set everything up to give your new site a fighting chance on Google.

Mobile Friendly

Everything is going mobile. Google is even ranking websites better if they have a mobile version. I can make your new site responsive so it works on all devices.

XML Sitemap Generation & Submission

I'll make sure everything gets submitted to the right places. 

Contact Us Form

Full form integration is included. These forms can even be customized for your specific needs.

Local Search Results and Google Map

This design also includes local search result submission and Google business submission. This will put you on the map when people search using Google Maps.

No more page switching to see changes—everything is here in front of you! A new era of content creation has reached WordPress!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Search Engine Submission Necessary?

The simple answer is no, a search engine submission isn’t necessary. The majority of search engines, notably Google, crawl and index pages by following links. By that logic, a single inbound link from any previously indexed page will identify your page to the engine.

What’s The Deal With Paid Search Submissions?

Many SEO companies offer paid search submissions but beware: It doesn’t cost a penny to get indexed by the major search engines. And it shouldn’t cost you anything, either. In fact, you don’t even need to submit your site to search engines.

Can Any Inbound Linking Hurt My Ranking?

The answer is clear and simple: No, inbound linking cannot hurt your search ranking. If inbound were to hurt your rank, your competitors would continually link to your site from link farms. Such a scenario is beyond your control. For this reason, Google cannot penalize your site for any inbound linking.

Are Blogs Good for SEO?

Whether blogs are good for SEO purposes is actually irrelevant--the content is key. Blogs are simply publishing platforms. Having said that, the ability to produce high quality content on an ongoing basis can be made much easier by leveraging blog software - especially for the for non-technical user.

How Do I Make My Site Search Engine Friendly?

The best way to make your site more search engine friendly is often to simply add more text. The content must add value and be on topic, but the addition will create a new set of keywords and phrases for the search engines to crawl. Think of these terms as new ‘gateways’ for the engines - the injection of text will provide new doorways for traffic.

More about SEO:

Inbound linking is very important. In fact, acquiring back-links may be the most important thing in SEO. Nonetheless, a website owner shouldn’t have to “scout” or “hunt” for links. If the presented content is interesting, useful, and/or important, there is a natural tendency among web users to share information.